About The Gym

What makes CrossFit Hyperactive different?

The results don’t lie! CrossFit is proven to enhance your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, and accuracy. Sure, anyone can work out and get in shape. But since we were established back in 2014, we’ve been serving the Salinas Valley with different ways to workout.

Our strength and conditioning program is unlike no other. We blend olympic weightlifting, cardio, gymnastics, powerlifting, and things like rope climbs and tire flips all into the same program. This will expose you to all sorts of things that you wouldn’t normally do at a regular gym.

We also blast up the music and create an intense environment that will push you harder than you would anywhere else. It’s really what sets us apart from other gyms!

Why CrossFit Hyperactive?

We brought CrossFit to Salinas Valley! We have over a decade of CrossFit experience and knowledge. We believe in CrossFit and what it can do for people! We will push you, motivate you, and make you better! Our coaches truly care and will do everything they can to keep you safe and make things fun!

How Things Work

1. Come in and fill out a waiver.

2. Tour the gym and meet staff.

3. Jump into a class to workout!

It’s That Easy!

Class Format

Each class will begin with a few stretches and warm-up drills. We do this as a class. After we are done warming up, your coach will then take you through a small lecture. This is where we explain what we will be doing. We like to give you tips and techniques that will help you move more efficiently throughout your workout. We also give any athletes that deal with any pains, injuries, or special needs and give them modifications. Each workout can be scaled or changed up a bit allowing literally ANYONE to join our classes. We will then start the clock and let you workout.

Meet Our Team

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