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Top 5 Best Gyms To Join Near Salinas

New to CrossFit?

No CrossFit or workout experience is needed! Contact us below and we can set up a One-on-One introductory session. We will take you through a tour of our facility and answer any questions you may have. We want you to meet a coach and we can discuss your membership options.

Experienced CrossFitter? Experience with weightlifting?

If you a have trained at another CrossFit Affiliate previously and looking to join CrossFit Hyperactive, sign up below to get started today!

If you have experience with weights and have a basic fitness foundation, come in and try out a class! We can discuss memberships options after your session and help you with your fitness journey!

Intro Sessions

If you would like to set up a One Week of personal training sessions with one of our coaches, we offer one week of intro sessions designed to help teach you the proper technique behind CrossFit’s 9 foundational movements. This will help build confidence in using barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells and to do so safely.


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